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Broken and Abandoned?

There’s beauty in the Lord.

There is Beauty in a mosaic and every broken piece fits together to tell a beautiful story.

God, picked up the pieces. Put me back together again. You are my praise! (Jeremiah 17:14 MSG)

Just maybe you feel that your life is like a heap of broken glasses and looks nothing near useful or has no beauty in it, be assured and reassured that God has a beautiful design and plan for each one of the broken piece. Our natural eyes look at the broken pieces and see bunch of mess and waste but God sees beauty (you shall be called the work of God’s hand that God may be glorified – Isaiah 60:21b). He looks at them and sees His handiwork – a masterpiece.

God sees how each broken pieces of your life will fit together to create the story that will bring glory to Him alone (….that they may see and know, and consider and understand together, that the hand of the LORD has done this, and the Holy One of Israel has created it – Isaiah 41:20).

It takes time, pressure and intense heat to put all of the broken pieces of a mosaic together. There will be pains in the putting together of the broken pieces of your life but you can trust in His divine craftsmanship. (He is faithful to complete the good work He began in you (Philippians 1:6).

God will take your brokenness and create a masterpiece. God always wants to tell a special and unique story through our lives. Never give up on what only GOD can do in you, with you and through you that He alone may be glorified. Will you let Him?


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I am a testament of God's unfailing love and I place great value on family. I deliver evidence and recovery based Psycho-emotional therapeutic intervention to affected individuals within my day job in Addiction & Mental Health Services. I am very passionate about people’s wellbeing and to see lives changed. A creative clothier outside of my day job, I use my creativity to offer solution in business space guided by Godly principles.

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