Ignorance And Fear

A person’s ignorance and fear are two of the enemies that can keep him or her stagnant.

I remember when I was holding tight to my Samsung A5 despite being due for an upgrade for over a year. I was afraid that I would lose all my data, journal, and notes as I thought that a lot would get lost if I decided to change this phone. Many questions flooded my mind, “how will I be able to transfer all my data, and even if there’s a way, am I ready for the stress of moving the data over?” etc.ignorance-and-fear.

So, I decided to stick with my 32G capacity phone. This was my decision; I am responsible for the choice I made. However, the only question I failed to ponder was; “what will happen if the phone fails and stops working by itself?” Thinking back now, it could have been a disaster where I could have ended up losing all I was afraid to lose if they were not properly backed up.

A few months down the line, I needed to get a new phone for my daughter whose phone got broken, so I went into the phone shop and saw that newer phones now come with a larger capacity. I decided to overcome my ignorance and fight my fear; I upgraded to one with a larger capacity. I took this phone home and guess what? It took hubby less than an hour to help transfer all my data, notes, contacts, etc. from 32G to 128G. This phone serves me better and can accommodate my new data.

Sometimes we fail to deal with the enemy on the inside but rather focus on the enemy on the outside. Life choices may not be as simple as this but the principles are universal. As followers of Christ, the Holy Spirit is always there to our advantage.

Something to ponder on:

  1. Have you dealt with the enemies on the inside – in the mind? If not, a mind shift is required and necessary to move forward (it is the thing that hinders us, and that barrier must be demolished), first through the renewing of the mind (Romans 12:2) and continuous learning process.
  2. It is a common saying that, “what you want is on the other side of fear”. Think about taking a plunge today not blindly but by acknowledging Him who knows the way (Prov.3:5).s
  3. There is always a better outside of good, and a better outside of better, etc.- so make a conscious effort to continually increase in knowledge. Your advantage as a follower of Christ is in asking THE ALL-KNOWING GOD how, where, and when to apply the knowledge gained (Psalm 94:12).

Jesus is Lord!

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