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Walk Of Faith: Obeying Without Contingency Plan

One of my daily prayer is this: “God, please increase me in faith, do not let me fail in faith, especially when I am confronted with issues that requires my obedience.”

It’s natural that one would like to give anything to know what the outcome will be before walking in obedience and taking a step of faith. In fact, to quiet our fears, we sometimes seek ways to at least have a glimpse of what lies ahead or what the reward will be. As human, a desire for certainty could be triggered when a call to obey and act in faith confronts us; and in setting out, we sometimes look out to the world rather than the Word or possibly a mixture of both. We then come up deliberating on “what ifs” and “perhaps” – which are usually influenced by our human reasoning and emotions leading to creating contingency plans. This occurs because we have given room to doubts, by considering what could go wrong or right which in most cases obscure spiritual reality.

The whole chapter of Hebrews 11 takes us into the journey of men and women of faith. I still ponder on what was going on in the mind of young Prince Moses – an heir to the throne in Egypt, who forsook the palace for nothing in sight (Hebrew 11:24). It also makes one to wonder what went through the mind of Abraham when he at God’s command, left all that he ever knew for an unknown destination (Gen 12:1, Hebrew 11:8). Faith is simply saying “Yes Lord”, and doing whatever He may be asking of us”. May we continually entreat the Lord that our faith will not fail (Luke 22:32).

What are your experiences of growing and walking in obedience and absolute faith? Please share.

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I am a testament of God's unfailing love and I place great value on family. I deliver evidence and recovery based Psycho-emotional therapeutic intervention to affected individuals within my day job in Addiction & Mental Health Services. I am very passionate about people’s wellbeing and to see lives changed. A creative clothier outside of my day job, I use my creativity to offer solution in business space guided by Godly principles.

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