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During my personal mediation recently, I heard the Spirit of God ministered to me to “look around less, except it is a divine instruction to do so”. This instruction quickly informs me to “look unto Jesus, The Author and Finisher of our Faith” (Hebrews 12:2). This means I can look to Jesus for strength to focus on understanding and fulfilling my assignment as prophesied by Prophet Isaiah concerning Jesus; “I have set my face like a flint” (Isaiah 50:7). This is a statement of courage, decisiveness and determination with a firm commitment to accomplish what God had sent Him to do, in spite of rejection.

Focus is a fearless and purposeful aim; to keep pressing on regardless of the obstacles encountered.

I am beginning to understand that feeding on Christ’s strength steadfastly is crucial for anyone who has been divinely assigned, and also understands to a degree his or her divine assignment. It is also essential to have our focus rightly placed to achieve our God-inspired goals, plans and objectives either in a vocation or ministry.

In order to achieve this, it is imperative to continuously feed on the strength that has been made available to us as believers through the life and death of Jesus Christ, because relying on personal strength alone will fail anyone in the fulfillment of his or her divine assignment. (Jeremiah 17:5).

The road to achieving anything worthwhile is mostly filled with anxiety, uncertainty and challenges. For some it could be lack of resources, rejection, oppression, opposition or even self-doubt, therefore one may be tempted to give up so soon or even when nearer to the purpose. Praying for Christ-like focus will enable God’s perspective in our lives, even while going through the most difficult times in a given assignment.

To focus means not running away from challenges or days of adversity; it is following the examples of Jesus Christ by gaining and yielding to God’s perspectives on those challenges.

“I offered my back to those who beat Me, my cheeks to those who pulled out My beard; I did not hide My face from mocking and spitting. Because the Sovereign Lord helps Me, I will not be disgraced. Therefore, I have set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame”. (Isaiah 50:6-7)

Focus is facing it head on, knowing that God is always by your, and as the Anchor and Pillar to rest upon. It is not backing out in the face of discouragement.  “When the days drew near for him to be taken up, Jesus set his face to go to Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51).

Focus is not about resolving to take any other “alternatives”, or shortcuts, but following the path that God has laid down. It is trusting Him to endure what may seem like going through fire. It also means having the resolve to achieve the Lord’s purposes in your place of assignment; through the Lord’s way.

Jesus had countless opportunities to abandon the task He was sent to accomplish, yet he was unwavering with every step He took. When He told his disciples of the suffering He was going to endure in Jerusalem, they pleaded with Him not to go to Jerusalem, but He went all the way unhindered. Jesus was steadfast in achieving His purpose.

Dear friends, take time to reflect on what you believe the Lord has called you to do. Remaining focused can be difficult, but achievable by holding on to the strength made available through Jesus Christ. If you fail in the days of adversity, it means your strength is small (Prov. 24:10).

So pray continually to be renewed and “strengthened with might in the inner man”, and the courage to remain unhindered in fulfilling your divine assignment. You will achieve your divine purpose in Jesus name.

Jesus is Lord.

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